Android Launcher With Big Colorful Icons For Elderly And People With Vision Problems

Start talking about Android launchers and numerous names would cross your mind. Two of the most popular launchers are Go Launcher Ex and ADWLauncher EX as they come with a good number of themes that appeal to different people.

But recently a new launcher has arrived on Google Play which is completely different from the type of launchers you have tried in the past. Called as BIG Launcher, it is basically designed for elderly and people with vision problems. To serve such people successfully, the launcher uses relatively big icons and lists and minimal graphics which make it fast and extremely simple to use.

Big Launcher AndroidBig Launcher Android 4
The interface is very clean with big icons which are easy to understand and press. Even the text size is appreciably large so as to help recognize words easily. The main screen has six icons: Phone, Messages, Camera, Image Gallery, SOS(for making emergency call and text) and Application Drawer/List.

The launcher has three different size options: big, bigger and biggest.The launcher also proves to be ideal for blind people as the interface can be controlled via the hardware buttons which is complemented by Talkback feature. It also comes in three different color schemes which one can switch to whenever he or she wants by heading to the BIG Launcher settings.

Big Launcher Android 1Big Launcher Android 2
The color system with large text is not only present for the Phone app but also extends to the Messages app where the messages are organized into separate conversations and each contact is displayed in a different color. The app drawer also features really big icons for respective apps and frequently used apps are displayed at the top of the drawer, thereby adding to the user’s convenience.

Big Launcher Android 3Big Launcher Android 8
Another highlighting feature of this amazing launcher is the ability to set up unlimited number of screens with apps or contact shortcuts. One can choose from a lots of different icons or can put custom background.
The launcher is available in both free and paid versions on Google Play and if you are ready to pay for the full version directly, you can surely try the demo version and then make a decision.

Download BIG Launcher Free Version

Download BIG Launcher Paid Version ($4.99)

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