Use Swipe Up or Down Gesture To Close Running Applications On iPhone: SwipeAway Cydia Tweak

Cydia is flooded with numerous applications on a daily basis. While majority of them are themes and game hacks, a handful are seriously well built tweaks that make your regular iPhone tasks even more convenient.

Recently a new tweak was added on Cydia by ModMyi repository and it is called SwipeAway. You may have guessed easily by its name that it has something to do with the swipe gesture but the name isn't informative enough to tell you how simple yet great this tweak is.

SwipeAway Cydia Tweak iPhone (4)SwipeAway Cydia Tweak iPhone (1)

Enough of senseless talks now, and we shall jump to the tweak’s function now. SwipeAway lets you close applications, that are running in the background, from the app switcher with a swipe gesture. Alike previously seen one click app killers, this tweak uses the swipe gesture to kill all apps at once.
This is quite convenient by comparison to the conventional way in which the background applications are supposed to be terminated. You open the app switcher, hold any of the icons to enable the wiggle mode, and then tap on the red round button that appears on the top corner of each of the icons. But if you have jail-broken your iDevice, killing running applications will become so very easy with this tweak.

SwipeAway Cydia Tweak iPhone (2)SwipeAway Cydia Tweak iPhone (3)

To download the application, go to Cydia search section and type in SwipeAway (without space). Once installed you will have to respring your device. After your device resprings, open stock Settings app and look for SwipeAway settings. From the tweak’s settings page, you can either select Swipe Up or Swipe Down as the default gesture to close applications.

How to use SwipeAway?

All you have to do is open the app switcher by double pressing the home button. You will see all the applications that are running in the background here. To close any of the apps, quickly swipe up or down (whichever gesture you have selected) on the icon using your finger and it shall close immediately.

I really hope you love this tweak as much as I do. For more such interesting tweaks please stay tuned.

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